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NOTE - 2011_2 is now updated to include the European Tour with Mark Knopfler & his band. Many photos are included from Guy Fletcher's tour diary (the keyboard player with Knopfler) which makes for some entertaining reading - see

Also, there are some quality shots by Paolo Brillo from various dates - permission must be sought from him for any use of the photos. See his pages at flickr - and contact him by flickr mail.


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Photographers - an index of the main professional photographers of Dylan.

Some of the principal photographers are currently featured at Snap Galleries - see



Stewart Grant (Editor) -

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Your comments, corrections, contributions, compositions, captures, collages, contacts & questions are always welcome ! Our intention is to produce a true pictorial history of Bob Dylan, and any help with accuracy and general identification of photos etc is most helpful.



Some new photos by Brigitte Lacombe, September 2004

2004 -

Bob Dylan on his ranch in Point Dume, California, September 2004. "I first met him in Paris, when I was 14. He was close to my best friend's father. We came home from school one day and there he was ! Years later I was commissioned to shoot him at his ranch, he was so guarded at first, but after I reminded him about our connection, I had the best day with him. Not that he was chummy, but he accepted me." - Brigitte Lacombe

Photos at Bartels (Harley Davidson Motorcycle Dealers), Marina Del Ray, California 2004- see also Bartels' "Celebrities" page !



1992 -

Merano, Italy by Paolo Brillo & Springfield by Darren Pierce


1985 -

Farm Aid by Ebet Roberts

Empire Burlesque session by Roman Iwasiwka

Live Aid recording with Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder, by Harry Benson


Major revision of 1964 & 1965 pages  (Jan. 2010) -

1964 -

Thanks to Greg Pennell for help with research, especially on the Newport photos. See his site on Richard & Mimi Farina -

Joan Baez, New York City concert, early '64 with Dylan & the Farinas (Photos by Barry Feinstein) - Current research puts this as maybe January. (Feinstein's notes all just say "1964 NYC date unknown" !)   

Newark Airport series by Daniel Kramer is listed by him as "late September" - anyone know where they were travelling to or from ? (Tour date details for '64 are not very complete ! )

Monterey Sept. 4, 1964 - "Joan Baez and Bob Dylan performing at the Monterey County Fairgrounds on Sept. 4, 1964. According to a Herald article, Joan Baez was doing a benefit concert for Pioneer House, a new inter-racial, non-profit nursery school in Seaside. Bob Dylan was a special guest of Baez. The concert was on a Saturday night and raised about $5,000 for the school." (from Monterey Herald - )

Have identified some other photos as being from New Musical Express interview at time of Festival Hall concert in London, 17 May.

1965 part 1 -

Don't Look Back tour - Matthew Plant of Leicester UK contacted us about his grandfather John Plant, who was a freelance contributor to Melody Maker and photographed Dylan at Leicester on the 1965 tour - we have several onstage shots and one on a hotel balcony as featured on the MM page as shown. He got some of these copies recently from Melody Maker but is currently looking through his grandfather's archives and elsewhere for other original negatives or prints. He has also been able to identify some other backstage shots we had as being from Leicester, and possibly also by John.

1965 part 2 -

Visit to Andy Warhol's Factory, 231 East 47th St NYC - have added many new photos here from a variety of sources.


If you can add any other information or photos, please e-mail !


Must Be Santa - the video ! Ho ho ho....!

Bob Dylan's "Must Be Santa" video is now showing on Directed by Nash Edgerton, the song comes from Dylan's most recent release, Christmas In The Heart, and is the first time Dylan has appeared in a music video promoting his own album since 1997's "Not Dark Yet" from Time Out Of Mind.

All of the artist's U.S. royalties from sales of Christmas In The Heart will be donated to Feeding America, guaranteeing that more than four million meals will be provided to more than 1.4 million people in need in this country during this year's holiday season. Bob Dylan is also donating all of his future U.S. royalties from this album to Feeding America in perpetuity. Additionally, all of the artist's international royalties will be donated to two charities to provide meals for millions in need in the United Kingdom and the developing world. (The World Food Programme and Crisis UK}

Some facts ! -

The idea - Edgerton received a call to do the Santa video, but wasn't sent an audio clip to listen to and mull over, as he normally would be. Instead, he was played the song over the telephone, just once. No one mentioned it was a Christmas tune either. "I wish someone was recording my face when I heard it for the first time. I thought the song was exciting and strange and wonderful all at the same time."

The party - It was shot in Los Angeles on 23 September 2009. The video shoot commenced at around 9 am Wednesday and continued through until the early hours of Thursday. It is our understanding that the video does not feature any of the musicians that played on the Christmas In The Heart album.

The dancing - "When I told him about the dance sequence, he said, "Maybe I should be in it ". I asked a choreographer friend of mine to come down and show Bob a few moves ! I know he had a great time on the shoot. He was jamming in the street. It's definitely him dancing. There's no body double." (Nash Edgerton)

The drunk - the director Nash Edgerton is actually the man in the video who starts the fight !!

View the "Must Be Santa" video here


News -

Bob Dylan: The Brazil Series

DENMARK, COPENHAGEN - SMK National Gallery of Denmark

4 September 2010 - 30 January 2011

The National Gallery of Denmark's major autumn exhibition sees Bob Dylan presenting large-scale paintings for the first time. Bob Dylan's new series reflects the settings and people he came across in Brazil. Here, we find depictions of everyday scenes in cities and in the country. Wine growers, gypsies, politicians, gamblers, and gangsters. A motley collection of motifs and subject matter that accentuates the artist's fascination with the diver-sity of Brazil. The works appear almost like anthropological records, shorn of any romantic sentiments, preconceptions, or social commentary. The exhibition is accompanied by the publication of "The Brazil Series". The book is the first publication to subject Bob Dylan's visual art to serious, art-historical analysis and readings. Preface by Karsten Ohrt, Director. Introduction and main article by Kasper Monrad, Chief Curator. Special article by John Elderfield, former Chief Curator at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

see -


Jim Marshall (1936-2010)


Photos from "Biograph" booklet 1985 - from scans by Man-on-the-street !

These come from the 1985 LP-size booklet - we are still trying to identify some dates and places ! If you can add anything please e-mail !


Theme Time Radio Hour - Polaroid covers by Man-on-the-street

The photostream :

The albums :

The download :


A COMPLETE UNKNOWN - photos by Charles Gatewood from Stockholm, Sweden 1966 -

PRESS RELEASE - Each 11 x 14-inch handmade book contains quality reproductions of rare Dylan photos, shot in Stockholm, Sweden on April 29, 1966 by renowned photographer Charles Gatewood. Most of these extraordinary photographs have never been seen or published until now. This edition is designed and published by Dana Dana Dana Limited Editions.

"I was 23 years old, and had been photographing for two years. It was my first published photograph", recalls Gatewood, referring to his now-iconic image "Bob Dylan With Cigarette", which was taken on April 29,1966. "Dylan was in his prime. He'd just released Blonde on Blonde and his song Like a Rolling Stone was a huge hit. The picture became a best-selling poster."

Only 61 copies of A Complete Unknown (plus 5 artist proofs) will be printed. This exciting signed and numbered Bob Dylan collectible showing Dylan at the peak of his musical career will sell out quickly. For complete information and to view a maquette of the book, please visit : as well as . The book will be available starting September 1, 2009

Website -


Photos by Mark Estabrook from Fort Worth, Texas 24 November 1978 -

"This is the first appearance with Bob wearing a crucifix. This is from a roll of black and white film that lay undeveloped for 31 years - they lay dormant and undeveloped at various room temperatures sealed in this can until I discovered them during a move back to Austin." He is planning a book of his music photography some time next year (2010). Website -


Denny Freeman - Now to be leaving the tour band (perhaps temporarily) - there is a large collection of interesting photos on his website which document his career before joining Dylan's band in 2005. See -


Herzl Camp - summer of 1957 -

The Jewish World's request for information about a photo published on the back cover of the booklet in Bob Dylan's new Tell Tale Signs (Columbia) album yielded some responses. Jerry Waldman, former executive director of Jewish Family and Children's Service, identified five teenagers pictured at Herzl Camp in the summer of 1957, including himself. Shown above are (L to R): Larry Kegan (dark jacket and white shirt), Waldman (singing), Bobby Zimmerman (Dylan), Louie Kemp and David Unowsky. Joe Marver, a St. Paul native now living in Carmel, Calif., called to say that he thinks Leon (Aryeh) Spotts, a Herzl counselor, took the photo. Larry Kegan passed away in 2001.


Story Of A Dylan Photo 1967

"The story behind a famous photograph of Bob Dylan by legendary photographer Elliott Landy.During Bob Dylan's retreat in Woodstock following his motorcycle accident in 1967, very few pictures were taken of him during that time...Some of the few.were taken by photographer Elliott Landy. In one particular photograph, Dylan stands outside of a bakery in Woodstock flanked by David Boyle and Dean Schambach....."


(A set of photos are on our 1968 page !)


1978 scans by Man-on-the-street for download -

1978 Tour Magazine - 32 pages, scanned & assembled as rar and pdf in two sizes, one in original size and the other as printable A4 version. Both in 300 dpi. Also the original German flyer from 1978, with some translations from the book.

jpg files in original scan size (86 MB / 300 dpi) -

PDF-file in original scan size (40 MB / 300 dpi) -

jpg files in printable DIN A4 size (49 MB / 300 dpi) -

PDF-file in DIN A4 size (41 MB / 300 dpi) -

Street Legal Promotion Picture (same as the record cover, but without name and record title)

Budokan LP Booklet, without the Japanese pages, as a 12-page-cd-book in 300 dpi.-

Budokan LP-Poster -

29 MB -

3 MB -


Ain't it just like the knight...On Bob Dylan and chess (including Dylan v Maimudes, Woodstock 1965, reconstructed from photographic evidence !) -


Photos by John Rudoff M.D.

Photos by John Rudoff M.D. from Newport 1963-65 of Dylan, Joan Baez and other musicians, and from some other Dylan shows in the 60's - John was at the time one of the press photographers accredited by the Newport Festival, allowing him access to the performers and to good photographic vantage points. It seems these were never published at the time !

All those featuring Dylan are now added to the Archive pages from his larger set at flickr - see

" I am very pleased people enjoy these. I have gotten a great amount of joy from folk music, the wave started by Dylan, and the bluesmen over the past 40 years, and this is a way I possibly uniquely can give something to that community. That is why I am perfectly happy that these be distributed gratis as widely as possible " John Rudoff 2008


Snap Galleries - Specialists in rare and exclusive rock 'n' roll photographs - Fort Dunlop, Fort Parkway, Birmingham, England

Current exhibition - Art Kane : Visionary Portraits 1958-68

Art Kane was a huge Bob Dylan fan, and literally stalked a very un-cooperative Dylan around an L.A. rooftop to get the shot. Dylan didn't like being told what to do, and Kane didn't shoot reportage style. Dylan, literally cornered, submitted to the direction and gave up the shot with a smouldering look that says, alright, you win. As Kane later recalled " I told him, "I'm going to stay until I get what I want." I finally manoeuvred him into a corner, he slid down and looked up. I had my shot !" (See USA 1966 page above for his photos for McCalls magazine, March or April '66)


Elio Rooster's "Top 100" page of Dylan photos >


"A Conversation with Photographer Bob Gruen" - Crawdaddy 18 December >

Excerpt -

Crawdaddy : Did Newport '65 leave an impression on you, in that you caught a wild, historical moment with your camera and that you could conceivably do that again and again ?

Gruen : At the time, no one knew it was a historical moment so I didn't have the thought then. I didn't have a place to sell the photo and I wasn't working for anybody.

Crawdaddy : Though shortly after people were buzzing about the moment, and you'd captured it.

Gruen : I didn't feel special about it. There were a couple of photographers who were actually already working—Jim Marshall and Dave Gahr were there. I didn't have any outlet. I didn't know anyone at any magazine. Certainly there was no internet or any other kind of thing. If you weren't in a magazine you weren't in the media… there was a buzz about it, but the buzz was among an extremely small minority of the few people interested in folk music, know what I mean ?


Kevin Mazur - 2 recent quotes on his photos for "Love & Theft" (2001) - (see 2001 part 2)

"One of my favorite jobs was when I got a call to shoot Bob Dylan in the recording studio. I was bringing home my new baby and I was in the hospital and my phone rang and wife says, "Who wants you to work tonight?" And my mother-in-law right away was like "You're crazy if you think youre going to work tonight, you are bringing the baby home". I said "Well, they want me to film Bob Dylan in a recording studio", and my wife's like "Oh, well, you gotta go". So, low and behold, I go to the studio and it was a great experience, I got to see Bob record and stuff and I get a call like a month later from Donny Iner, the President of Columbia Records saying "Hey, Congratulations, Bob's album cover looks great" — I say "What are you talking about?" He goes "You don't know?" I go "What?" He goes "Bob liked your picture and he bumped the portrait session and used the photo from the recording session of yours". So I am like, "Wow, I got a Bob Dylan Album Cover".

"I photographed Bob many times ; I did his “Love and Theft” album cover. We went to a recording studio and had a very intimate shooting session. We spent a whole day driving around from place to place and snapping pictures. Just two cars : his and mine. That was unforgettable."


Bob Dylan : Through the Eyes of Joe Alper

Now available ! Highly recommended by various people who have seen previews, this excellent new book of the late Joe Alper's photos of Dylan from 1961 to 1965 includes shots from various New York venues and many others taken at Alper's home in NY where Dylan stayed while on tour, and later shots such as Dylan playing electric for the first time at Newport. Most have never been published in any form before. Individual prints of photos are also available.

Dylan's back pages - Review by Greg Haymes - Times Union, Saratoga - August 14, 2008

Dylan and his girlfriend Suze Rotolo spent 10 days staying with Joe and Jackie Alper and their family on Brandywine Avenue in Schenectady. Jackie was a folksinger and a sparkplug for the local folk music community. And fortunately, Joe Alper was a freelance photographer, capturing the pre-superstar Dylan in approximately 600 photographs between 1961-1965. Now Joe's son, George Alper, has gathered together a big batch of those photos in the brand new photo book, "Bob Dylan: Through the Eyes of Joe Alper." Of course, there have been dozens of Dylan photo books published over the years, but precious few if any are as revealing as these intimate, unguarded, black and white shots of Dylan relaxing around the house, eating breakfast, watching television and building castles out of wooden blocks on the living room floor. Also included are photos of Dylan performing around the Capital Region, in Greenwich Village and at the Newport Folk Festival. A few of Alper's photos were first seen by the general public in "The Bootleg Series, Vols. 1-3 (Rare and Unreleased) 1961-1991," the three-CD box set of Dylan rarities that was was released by Columbia Records back in 1991, but the majority of these photos have never been seen before.


Barry Feinstein Exhibition & new book - Snap Galleries, Birmingham UK

Snap Galleries is to exhibit Barry Feinstein's collection of historic Dylan photographs for the first time in the UK.

Opening on Saturday 3 May 2008 to coincide with the publication of "Real Moments", Feinstein's new hardcover book of Dylan photos, the exhibition will feature work which hasn't been shown or offered for sale before. As the official photographer on the 1966 tour, he shot the cover pic on the No Direction Home CD/DVD, of Dylan standing outside a car at Aust Ferry

The "Real Moments" book will be available at 25 from Snap Galleries, before other retailers have it in stock - Snap will also be includling its' Dylan exhibition poster for customers buying it from them.

More info -

Note - One thing I learned from Guy White at Snap is that Feinstein took the cover shot for "The Times They Are A-Changin' " in 1963,. and NOT Don Hunstein as often credited (our 1963 page to be updated accordingly !).


Paul Till & "Blood on the Tracks" cover - his updated website has the story on this, and other photos of Dylan.


Rowland Scherman - His back pages

Article from the Boston Globe on Rowland Scherman, 3 February 2008 by Geoff Edgers -

"In 1967 (sic - in fact it was 1965), he took what would become his most famous photo. He and his wife, Joan, went to see Dylan play at the Washington Coliseum. Scherman took a Nikon with two rolls of film and, during the show, decided to head backstage. The security guards tried to keep him away, but he shouted at them. "I'm from Life," he said, and brushed past them, close to Dylan. He got the shot quickly - the singer's thick, afro-like hair silhouetted in a halo of blue light. Columbia's art director loved the picture, and it ended up on the cover of "Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits." Scherman earned $300 and a Grammy}"

From Wikipedia - The cover photograph of Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits was taken by Rowland Scherman at Dylan's 28 November 1965 concert in Washington, D.C. The cover won the 1967 Grammy award for "Best Album Cover, Photography"

There is also an interesting article on his photos for the Newport Festival in 1963 -

Photographer Rowland Scherman went to the Newport Folk Festival only once, in the summer of 1963. He went up for the weekend, in between days working for the Peace Corps, with a couple Leica cameras and no press pass. And he happened upon a 22 year-old Bob Dylan in a transformative moment. Scherman thinks the changes to folk music which the '63 festival wrought won't happen again soon, both because that was an exceptional time in history, and because the chances of someone as genius as Dylan getting up on stage anywhere this year are slim. He spoke to me about the stories and shots he brought back from the trip he made to, basically, chase Mary Travers ! (Frannie Kelley, NPR Music}


Rolling Thunder Logbook - by Sam Shepard (Da Capo Press (USA) Sanctuary (UK), large paperback, 2005)

In case you haven't seen the latest edition (2005), it has many new & previously unpublished photos by Ken Regan. The introduction says it has "a different selection of photographs", so many from the first edition are presumably not included (1977). The foreword by T-Bone Burnett is good reading too ! Should be easily available at Amazon and other outlets.


Adelaide 1978 - Some new concert photos by Peter Armstrong on the 1978 page


Archive projects 2008-2009

1974 part 1 - Tour 74 with The Band -

1965 part 1 - new page mainly featuring the "Dont Look Back" UK tour -

Some photos of the London Airport press conference have been traced to John "Hoppy" Hopkins who was a staff photographer for Melody Maker. His website contains many other interesting shots from the 60's and later, including Allen Ginsberg at the Albert Hall in London 1965 (see under "Poets") -

1966 Picture Archive project - new pages 2009

Photos by Jerry Schatzberg - 1965-66 -

USA & Australia - Jan-April -

Stockholm, Copenhagen, London - April 1966 -

England, Wales & Scotland - May 1966 -

Paris & London - May 1966 -

Miscellaneous 66 -

Your corrections & additions etc will be appreciated - please e-mail


Rolling Thunder Revue project, December 2008 - See new pages above, 1975 - 2 & 3 / 1976 - 1

Many of the published photos for 1975 as in the Rolling Thunder Logbooks (1977 & 2003), the Bootleg Series LIVE75 booklet and Larry Sloman's "On the Road with Bob Dylan" do not have very exact descriptions. We have used mainly the above texts to produce this but some guess-work has gone into dating some photos ! Your assistance would be appreciated in identifying others or adding any corrections etc. Also we are obviously keen to find any other tour photos for both years and/or better copies of any others already included ! Please contact by e-mail

Ken Regan was the main tour photographer and took most of those in the Archive sets (website - ) Other photographers are credited where known. Some of our project notes and info on the photos will be posted here soon.

Thanks in particular to Wiebke for a lot of work on this and other recent revised pages !

Cartoons & Graphics page - now updated with a variety of Dylan inspired artwork. Featuring Dylan paintings by Ray Keats. More of his work is at & other paintings, cards and prints online at


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Jaye Alper (Joe Alper Photo Collection LLC)

Peter Armstrong (Australia)

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Charles Gatewood -

Gianni (Italy)

Ed Grazda -

John "Hoppy" Hopkins -

John Hume (Northern Ireland)

Al Kaplan -

Linda MacDonald -

Joy Munsey - Larry Campbell website

Pete Rehill (England)

Stephanie Rae (USA)

Elio Rooster (Italy) - see his "Top 100" page of other photographers here >

John Rudoff M.D. (USA)

Barrie Wentzell - -

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Bob Dylan CDR Artwork Guide - For the most comprehensive collection of Dylan CD artwork see Ole's site at

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