Welcome to Dylanstubs.com, the definitive online resource for Bob Dylan ticket stub, concert poster, and commercial bootleg CD artwork images! This material is presented as a collector's reference and for the free use and enjoyment of all. I don't own or know where to get any of the items shown here. Scans or hi-resolution digital photos of tickets/stubs, concert posters, or commercial bootleg CD art are always welcome. 300 dpi scans are preferred, in JPG format, but all scans and photos are appreciated. Please send to dylanstubs@gmail.com and enjoy the site!!!

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Commercial Bootleg CD Artwork

Click on a letter to browse titles starting with that letter (there are no "X" titles). Click the hash mark for titles starting with numbers (e.g. 1965 Revisited). Crystal Cat titles are sorted by their release year under the CC tab.